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The name's Zodie! I like to write prose and essays sometimes. Do not give me any kind of criticism unless I ask. They/them.
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I'm not a writer. I'm just someone who happens to wield words with the needles of my thoughts. I like sentences and fancy lyrics; and even if they juggle and become either dust or bread under my hands, I am still no writer.


September 6, 2018


My mother had taught me how to knit clouds ever since I was a child. She slipped the needles in between my fingers and with the guide of her own hand, mine began to move, braiding the white cotton candy (as I liked to say) into warm sweaters that would later warm me in the throes of cold in the winter.
My father told me why the forest pixies die after ten days of their birth when I was eight. Apparently, their frail little bodies stop producing red blood cells in the ninth day, and their nervous systems were entirely cut in the tenth. Father told me it was because the world practically had no use of them, so they were fitted to die.
And I, I taught myself that clouds can’t be knitted and forest pixies never existed.


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