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Yea... the Oxford comma annoys me

the oxford comma

September 6, 2018


Who cares about the Oxford comma?
The dramas it creates 
It leaves only remains of mass destruction;
essays in a terrible state.

It's a stylistic type of writing
That is what they claim 
But when it comes to sophistication,
It's, sadly, just a bit of a shame.

The guy who happened to create it 
Herbert Spencer is the name, 
coined the phrase "survival of the fittest"
now that's something for the surname

It starts with some list,
unfortunate items line up.
Just to have a comma right at the end
come and mess it all up.

Bitterness, anger and tears
that's what's caused according to Grammarly users
this comma happens gives me nightmares
and I'm not trying to abuse her

Now I'm not trying to dis the comma
No, no, no.
Its just my perspective
It's something we need to outgrow.

This is a slam poem I didn't get to perform... Enjoy!


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  • dontbelievethehype

    Really cool piece @Onion3102! I think you and Exra Koeing would be the best of friends! But without the Oxford Comma we'd have 'Bacon, eggs, tea and toast" And I don't know anyone who likes tea flavoured toast! But, I've seen those English dramas too, they're cruel!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Onion3102

    Thank you for commenting @Quahla! Everyone I asked about the comma said they didn't use it or even know what it was. It's nice to know not everyone hates the comma :)

    almost 2 years ago
  • Quahla

    I happen to really like the Oxford comma, thank you very much XD but I respect you for writing about your dislike for it

    almost 2 years ago