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Hello, my name is Phoebe and I am a passionate musician and fangirl.
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Empress of the Skies

September 6, 2018


    In Raj, creation began in the Selks. In the land above the skies, the great ceiling, from where everything was created, the great god of lighting was born as the universe formed.  He was birthed out of the great white fires in the swirling creation. His name was Umbor and once the earth formed below the skies, he sent down a great bolt of lighting from the Selks. It ripped a gash in the Sky and hit the earth in a barren field. From the hole in the Selks, Umor's fellow deities were birthed. They joined Umbor in the Selks and watched the Sky, Earth, and Tunnel beneath them. 

    The bolt that Umbor had thrown was so powerful that it struck the Earth and the Tunnel, the land under the Earth. From its magical charge, two creatures of soil were created. They rose up from the dirt and brushed it off of them until they were two women, shape-shifters of a sort, and the first people of the Universe. Their names were Sava and Asia and they spent their time collecting soil around them and creating more creatures like themselves. The first two that they made were a young man and a young woman named Ebony and Kemp, the first lovers of the Universe. Sava, Asia, Ebony, Kemp and their ten children created dwellings under the Earth. Five of Ebony and Kemp's children became the first explorers. The other five became the first residents of their tunnel city. 

    As time passed, more children of the Tunnel were made or birthed and the Tunnel expanded and grew into a civilization. meanwhile, in the Selks, the gods were bored. So, they made people of their own. They released a colony of these people of cloud and let them roam free in the Selks unable to reach the palace of the Gods. Then, Umbor sent the great sign of an eagle down onto Earth. The people of the tunnel heard it calling and knew it to be Umbor's work. They knew something was coming but they did not know what. In the dark of one night, one of Kemp' great descendantss, Mirosa, snuck out of the Tunnel and followed the eagle call to the Earth. As soon as she set foot on the soft grass of the Earth, she heard screams of terror behind her. She turned back towards the Tunnel and saw stunning purple flames engulfing everyone and everything. It only lasted for a few moments, but when it was over, nothing had been damaged there were no more people. Carris, goddess of fire, had simply wiped out the race of Tunnelers to make way for a new race on Earth. 
       Mirosa wandered the newfound Earth until she met a man. He was a very peculiar man but, nevertheless, she fell in love with him. he comforted her in her sadness and loss and told her that together they could start a new city on Earth. Together they toiled in the hot sun to build dwellings in the trees. Only after they had children, three of them, did he reveal that he was, in fact, Retter, god of the land, born when she had stepped foot on the Earth. Devastated that she had been living a lie, Mirosa took her children away from Retter and started anew with them on the other side of Earth. But, Retter returned, always in a new form, but always to grow the population of Earth. Years and years passed. Deep in the Tunnel, Lillitth, goddess of memory, built a temple to honor the people of the Tunnel.

    Generations later, Umbor sent another eagle. Mirosa, knowing the time of Earth was soon to be over, readied her two favorite descendants, Rosh and Detty, to journey to the Sky to start anew once more. One night, the waters of Earth flooded massively wiping out everyone but Rosh, Detty, and their lovers who had snuck away with them into the Sky. Lillitth built more memory on Earth as the four rose into the Sky. Now, the gods feared that people were getting too close to the Selks so they allowed Rosh, Detty, and their wives to live long lives but they gave humans mortality. People could no longer live forever. And so, time wore on, people died, and the final wishes of Rosh and Detty were made true. A great civilization was made in the Sky. It was more structured and more civilized than ever before. The Gods watched over them and decided to let them be. 

    After generations of establishing a government in the Sky, Lospid, goddess of magic, granted one man, a direct descendant of Ebony and Kemp, named Ferth, his blessing. Being blessed by a god made him respected and revered by the people of the Sky. They chose him to be their ruler. Their emperor. And so, Raj was formed. As Raj grew and moved, they moved ever closer to the golden pool in the Sky where Umbor's bolt and passed through. Scared to be overtaken, the gods turned the pool from a glistening masterpiece to an ever-present storm. No one dared to go near it. Until now.

    "I am Dove. I am a descendant of Ferth, man of the Sky, and destined to be empress of Raj. I will lead our people to the unknown and finish the divine conquest to our rightful place of origin. Say it just like that Dove."

"I am Dove- I will Not lead my people where the gods will no let me lead them."

"Dove. It is our divine right to rise to the Selks and greet our destiny."

"It is not our destiny. We follow the gods."

"No. We follow you-"

"I follow the gods."

"Sooner or later, you will see the difference between what you think and what the people want."


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  • Anha

    Amazing lore! I can't wait to see how/if this continues!

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Wow! I LOVE it. Definitely keep writing!

    about 1 year ago
  • f l o r a

    this is really interesting.

    about 1 year ago