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Message to Readers

I took away the third stanza. It was unnesscessary and it ruined the flow of the poem. Thanks for your peer reviews.

The Outdoors

September 17, 2018

The world has changed. 
For better or for worse?

Long ago people cherished the outdoors. 
Now we see it zooming through cars on highways.
We see it on our phones.
We cover it with smog.
We overrun it with cities. 

We once cherished the outdoors.
We needed it. 
We took it for granted. 
We no longer need it. 

We can kill the ecosystems. 
The animals will still be there.
The plants will still be there. 
Trees will replant. 

We don’t need air.
We don’t need natural food. 
We can just eat chemicals. 
We can buy packages of air. 
I guess this poem was pointless.
We don’t need nature at all. 


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