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Before the money, there was love
But before the money, it was tough

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They say money is the root of all evil, I see money is the route of all people.

Scariest Childhood Memory

January 9, 2016


The scariest thing thats happened in my childhood was probably when i was 15 and getting into a car accident. it all started one night when we got off work and decided to grab some food. On that night the weather was horrible, it was snowing outside and the roads were icey. We had just finished our night shift at Glens and decided to go grab some Mcdonalds. After getting our food and on our way back, my friend who was driving at the time decided to cut through Bomgaarś parking lot and take a left turn. He was going around 40 mph and hit some ice when we were leaving the parking lot. Afterhitting the ice he lost cotrl of the car and and instead we drifted up the curb. The curb didn't slow us down and we were headed straight for a tree going fast. I swear my life flashed before my eyes because at the time i thought it was the end. Luckily we both were ok and made it out without severe injury death.


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