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Compare and Contrast Prose Poem(s)!

September 5, 2018


I had to write a compare and contrast essay for school, but my teacher let me write poems instead. :D :D :D I was supposed to compare and contrast a time "when I lived up to someone else's expectations" and a time when "accepted my own identity".
So this is what I wrote! 

POEM #1: Someone’s Else’s Expectations
Sitting on the couch at church
waiting for the cymbal ring
Then Nikki shows up at door
announcing “Zoe, Joely, come with me!”

Reluctantly I follow
knowing this can’t be good
She wasn’t sent to live with us
for simply where she stood.

Back and back, farther we go
through all the basement’s doors
until we finally come upon
what she’s been looking for.

What could this possibly be,
I think, why is this so big
All this trouble, all this hiding
for a stupid bag of chips?

Then I realize what she’s doing
and quickly set it down
“Nikki, these are for the youth,
so we can’t eat them now.”

“Why can we not eat them?”
she challenges me back.
“Eventually they’ll come here,” I say
“and start noticing the lack.”

Nikki rolls her eyes in her typical teenage way
“No one really cares what we do,
as long as we don’t get caught.”
She smirks at me, my sister too.

POEM #2: Accepting My Own Identity
A notebook in my hand,
an idea in my head.

What will they think of it?
Will they laugh when they hear of it?

My stories stay hidden,
tucked under a blanket in the closet
with no one ever finding out.

Should I tell them of this one?
I fight with my fears
of rejection
or ridicule.

Will I write it?

I think I will.


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