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Message to Readers

Hello there, i never know what to write here.
So... um, i should of 'show don't tell'ed a bit more.

If you have, then go outside. Get off your device.

We Create Our Demons

September 14, 2018

A lonely, lonely boy on a long twisty road, where the wind blows on his shirt his mother sowed.
He'd been walking for a mile for a long, boring while, in utter and pure sickening denial.
He pulled out a paper, a sharp pencil too, and read; "this document has been written for you".

He quickly read the document, the old, eroded document, It read, "Dear life, you created a monument."
"A sad, sad monument, an embodiment of death, it shadows over the cold, dark clouds, with it's coughs and breaths.
"It never wanted this, it never wanted to descend, But you did this world bad, and you pushed towards the end."
He shook his sad head, he looked up and said; "What have you done humans, the earth has fallen dead!"
He heard a strange noise. A voice this boy heard. He looked around, but all he found was a sleeping bird.
He shooed it away, into the polluted, cold day, it flew past a beach. Accommodation Bay. 
Mouldy, abandoned houses stretched as far as the eye can see, some high rises too, resting next to the sea.

The coloured, dead, horrible sea.

The document was pulled out once more, to discover what else was in store.
"Darkness has obliterated your nice, happy earth. Now people rest in peace, when they're old, or their birth."

Who did this?
Who destroyed this?
All of this.
All of this wonderful world.
Yes, you.
Reading this paper.
You destroyed this earth with your climate change labour. 


You couldn't stay off your phone. Like a fish on a hook.
Saving the world? Nah, i need to check my Facebook.
Get off your phone, computer, TV or Ipad.
You will make this world dark, you'll make this world sad. 
Do something. Go outside and live your best life. 
Live your best life, while the sky is still bright.
While the sky is full of light.

While the world lives.

Because one depressing day, you will want to say,
I didn't enjoy the planet, i stayed on my phone all day.
A small metal box the size of my hand, while i could of laid in the grass or played in a band.

We create our demons.
Try and minimise yours.


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