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The True Meaning of Environment

September 5, 2018

Black's Law dictionary defines environment as "The milieu in which an organism lives."
Milieu means " 'surroundings,' 1877, from French milieu, "middle, medium, mean," literally "middle place", from mi "middle" (from Latin medius, from PIE root *medhyo- "middle") + lieu "place". "
There is the actual environment we live in, and then there is how we see that environment, both the visible and the invisible. I believe in a Creator God who made the visible, tangible, tasteable, audible, and smellable world around us. I believe he gave us these senses and the ability to think and to understand. I also believe He made mankind in His image. In short, I believe that the Bible is infallibly true.
I have grown up in a Christian environment and have chosen a Christian worldview. Others have grown up with and developed their own worldviews. Evolutionists see the world as a meaningless set of chain reactions. Hindu's see the world as infinite manifestations of their god. New Ageists see the world itself as a deity, but believe they are their own gods.
Discussions about the saving the trees should start with why do we save the trees. If this world is Gaea, of course we should save the trees. If it a series of random accidents, why should we care? Or, if it is, as the Bible tells us, the creation of a perfect God who set us as stewards over it, we should consider it our duty to take care of this world as best we can.

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