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I actually felt emotional after writing this. Being able to look back at our mistakes, and see where were headed for the future, it's almost disturbing. Writing this has really opened my eyes to the problems with keeping out of touch with the land we take advantage of.

She Rules No More

September 4, 2018

She weeps for her people, the people she loves,
And they weep together, pure as doves.
Her skirt of fern, and hair of brown,
Still rich and bountiful, a queen and crown.
She rules with pride, and has one rule,
Something fair, and something true.
Take care of her, for she is weak,
She gives and gives, but cannot see.
In the beginning, all was well,
People were happy, people were swell.
But over time, things went bad,
Her people grew greedy, went rotten and sad.
Those who were kind had fortune and soul,
But people grew jealous, and sour and stole.
When the evil had more, and the good had less,
The good were envious and were put to test.
Their queen was dying, her people at war,
She heard the cries, the ones who fought,
The people who died, the people she taught.
She weeps for her people, the people who fell,
But her tears dried up, and she went rotten as well.
The kingdom fell as her face had dried,
She had wept for her people, before she had died.
Now everyone weeps, for the queen no more,
Now everyone weeps, for their mistakes and war.
Too little too late, the shame and guilt,
Too little too late, their people felt.


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