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September 4, 2018

PROMPT: This I Believe

Why do we think that just because we wake up, we have to stop dreaming? Call them what you will- fantasies, fairy tales, thoughts, hopes, wishes- they're all beauties. 

When we're young, we're told to dream as much as we possibly can, and to never grow up. But most of us don't realize how important those lines are, and we try to grow up faster than we should. Once we're older, we all wish we could've understood how good we had it as little ones. Because once we're older, we're not allowed to dream anymore. We have to "wake up" and face reality. I hate that. I turn sixteen soon, which means I'll be pressured to get a job, learn to drive, start dating, stop believing in things that will never happen. I think that is absolutely ridiculous. I still have so much life left, and all it's worth is a college diploma, a boring job, and a soccer motherhood. I don't want to settle down or rush to do so. I want to be happy, I want to see the world, find out who I am, what I can do. I want to dream. Why should I stop believing in things that make me happy, just because I'm getting older? Why should I stop imagining friendships with fictional characters, or thinking about who I could be, should I find a way to Hogwarts? I want to dance in the rain, sing like no one can hear me, believe in everything that's considered impossible.

Every dream is a light in the darkness of reality. Some dream to be famous. Others pray for miracles. Some believe in fairies. I don't care who you are, what your background is, how powerful or smart you might be; you have a right to dream. You have no right to take away others' dreams. Your kid wants to time-travel? Let them inside that cardboard box and dress like a robot when they get out. Some lady hopes to be a world-renowned actress? Practice lines with her and show her how to be better. If you take away people's hopes and wishes, you're blowing out their lights. Once no one is allowed to dream anymore, this world will be darker than anything anyone could ever imagine. All dreams are absolutely beautiful, and I believe in preserving them for as long as we possibly can. We don't ever have to wake up. Not as long as we don't want to. 


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