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Could You Imagine?

September 4, 2018

PROMPT: Unplug

Could you possibly believe in leaving your phone? 
Tablet? I-Pad? Laptop and so? 
Could you imagine not ever knowing what a Television is? 
Netflix? X-Box? Play Station? or even a Wii? 

Have you ever noticed- 
The beauty outside? 
The life that's been given to us to enjoy- 
But instead we'd rather destroy. 
Not appreciating our world, 
All we do, is sit, stare and watch our screens. 

Our lives evolve around fame- 
Notifications, Facebook and games. 
Oh don't forgot the recent addictions- 
Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok and more. 

These days a pretty face wins the game, 
Even with no talent, they'll reach fame. 
Cash is all that matters these days, 
Only few of the good ones are here to stay. 

As we cut down our trees, 
Those who've helped for aeons. 
We start to turn our reign, 
And leave this earth with no rain. 
Not caring about the other creatures, 
We'd rather scream on the bleachers. 

Could you imagine? 


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  • bluemoonrider079


    over 2 years ago
  • s a m

    This is literally proof of everything I've been saying.

    over 2 years ago