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I'm a seriously stressed Senior in high school. I love the beach, Jesus, and Frank's hot sauce. Cats are my life and One Direction is my soundtrack.

Outlook is Everything

December 30, 2014

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Christmas was crazy! I had always been a people watcher and while my mom did her shopping in Rue 21, I sat on a bench and wondered about the people around me. I wondered what they were buying their loved ones for Christmas and how far they had traveled to get presents for their families. I was soon awoken out of my daydream when I saw a mom and her young son. She was holding his hand and instructing him to "Stay close, Ryan." The mall was very busy this time of year and it was clear that it was a struggle for them to stay together. At one point, the young boy, who coudn't have been older than five, stopped to look at a monster truck that was on display. The mother didn't notice, as she was going through her pocket book looking for something. They were soon seperated by a large gap and you could see the panic rising on the boy's face. He started to cry, when down the mall a bit, his mother realized that he was missing. She shouted his name and started to retrace her steps very frantically, until she found him. In that moment, she wasn't angry, she was just a mother who was glad to be reunited with her son. He too was relieved to see his mother's familar face. As I watched this renuion, my outlook on this crazy jumble of a mall changed. As my own mom came out, loaded down with bags, I realized something, even in craziness, there is beauty, even in madness, there is solace.


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