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abstract one: death

September 23, 2018


    A grey mist settled over the skies of Berlin. Wind picking up the newly born leaves and stealing them away into the darkness of the day. A faded baby-blue Volkswagen Beetle slowly rolled down the streets of West Berlin, stopping just outside a row of small business shops that line the recently bombed street. Exiting his car, Death readjusted his long black overcoat and slid his ring onto his left hand, giving him the power of killing men by the mere touch of his finger, and began to walk down the street, cane in hand. Walking down the street, people, other businessmen and families looked at Death in fear and terror. Keeping a straight face, looking forward, Death continue to walk with his head held high.
    Staring into the skull of an Australian spy, looking down at the documents held in his hands, he walks right into Death's shoulder, still keeping his head down, no apologies spoken. Stopping in place, Death looked over at his shoulder and saw that the men still walked on, not looking back. He turned his head so that he was looking forward into the crowd of people and brushed his dust particles off of his shoulder. The man that bumped into him only seconds earlier fell to the concreate path and landed face down, documentation flying everywhere. The question that flooded everyone minds and mouths after checking his pulse was,
    "what happened"
Death smirked and continued to walk on,
    "what didn't happen," Death chuckled
Entering the empty small corner café, Death was met with nothing but a shadowy figure standing in the back right-hand corner,
    "If you will," Death spoke, showing a rare gesture of kindness to the shadowy figure.
The figure moved in a swift motion into the café's chair, resting its arms in front of it, on its lap.
    "I appreciate you’re here, I understand that your…busy, but your skill is desperately needed" Death said, taking a seat opposite of the figure.
    "Grim. It's time" Death said bluntly, relief finally filling his unmistakably empty core.
Grim looked up at Death from underneath the hat that covered half of his face and casted a shadow over his neck, looking at Death, Grim smirked.



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1 Comment
  • R.j.Elsewhere

    I love it! Super short and sweet, just be careful with your capital letters and full-stops. Other then that, beautiful!

    12 months ago