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Interstellar, the Review

January 11, 2016

            Interstellar is a sci-fi thriller. Matthew McCaughey plays the role of Cooper, the protagonist,  in the film. He goes into another dimension but you do not find that out until the end of the movie. Cooper changes a lot throughout the film. He starts off as a former NASA pilot that is now a farmer. He then trains for a new mission to go to a planet that is in a different galaxy. Cooper does not age much while he is on the planet. His daughter is almost a hundred years old when he returns to earth though. That is because one day on the planet from another galaxy is the equivalent to six years on earth.
            The genre of the film is sci-fi thriller because it has a lot to do with science and what could possibly happen in the world. It is also a lot of adventure though. The whole entire film is based on an adventure. That is why the genre is a sci-fi thriller.
            The theme of the film is to do what you think is right. Cooper has to make a decision of whether or not he should go and pilot the space shuttle. Cooper thinks although I might never see my family again I should still go in order to try to save the human species. Cooper decides to go and try to save the human species. He did this even though his family didn’t want him to. He did it because he thought that he needed to do what he thought was right.
            The Protagonist in the movie is Cooper. He pilots a space shuttle to another galaxy in order to find life. Cooper becomes more knowledgeable about space and time as the film develops. The antagonist in the film is time. Time starts out as the antagonist when people at NASA realize that they need to find somewhere else to live other than earth because of pollution. When Cooper is in space and in a different galaxy time goes by much faster than it does on earth. Cooper wants to see his daughter before she dies but she is aging much faster than he is and she becomes older than him. Throughout the whole film it is the protagonist, Cooper, fighting the antagonist, time.
            The Plot has five different sequences. The first sequence is the introduction when it shows that Cooper is a farmer that lives with his family on a farm. The Second sequence is when Cooper finds out were a secret NASA station is and he gets kidnapped. The third sequence is when Cooper finds out that he will be piloting a space shuttle to another planet. The fourth sequence is when Cooper is on the mission. The fifth and final sequence is when Cooper finds the fourth dimension and uses it to get home to see his very old daughter.
            The cinematography in this film was the normal space movie shots. It shows earth from outer space with is always cool no matter how many times you see it. There were not any unique shots in the film, but to have such a wide variety of shots in a single film was unique. To have a shot of a sandstorm and of all of earth the same movie is unique. To have a shot of the fourth dimension was very unique though. I can’t think of any film that I have seen that uses the “fourth dimension”.
            The way that sound stood out the most in the film was in the form of silence. The silence showed how scared or upset Cooper was in the film. The sound of the computer making noises also helped show how curious Cooper was when he was in space. He wanted to know what was happening on earth. The final sound that really impacted the film was the sandstorm. When everything was very chaotic and loud it showed how even in these horrible conditions there is still a plan to follow.
Overall I thought that this was a great film both from an entertainment point of view and a technical point of view. It really captures the viewer's attention with the very intense plot. It was a great movie to watch and to break down. I would also recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys an adventure.


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