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Was born in a small US town and has always loved reading and writing. Was inspired by JK Rowling to start writing. Was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and went through chemotherapy in 2015. All is good now. Loves fall and winter and their holidays.

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January 11, 2019


So I didn't get the chance to write muc today, so for my daily piece, here's a little snippet of a future project of mine. :)

"Minerva held in a sort of awed sense of foreboding as she stared expressionlessly at the four confident, dedicated boys seated before her. Even Pettigrew, who normally exuded the air of anxiety and the will to dart out of the room as soon as possible, spitting the mandrake leaf out on the way, was sitting upright in defiance, though staring at her tin of biscuits as a sort of desperate anchor to his chair. When she passed her emerald eyes over the fourth boy, the sad, clever, wounded child, in surprise she saw new emotions in his face. His cheeks twitched, his eyebrows were bunched up in a high arch, and his eyes softened as he held back a goofy grin rich in delight. This expression was new to Minerva but it helped her to understand the situation better. The former instinct toward punishment had been swept away in favor of a sigh and a, "This better not be a permanent adjustment, boys." Following four earnestly shaken heads and one, "Of course not, Professor," from Lupin, she dismissed them with a disapproving glance and four biscuits.
Note, I do not own these characters or this world. They belong to JK Rowling.


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  • Kthrasher5

    Cute! I love the Marauders!

    over 1 year ago