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Gwen Part 3

September 27, 2018


    I raced into the hallway, grabbed my brown boots I had earlier, and was about to go out the door when.
    "Gwen, where are you going?" Mother asked. I turned around and smiled slightly.
    "Think, Gwen think," I tried to come up with an excuse.
    "A project, with Mira. And we were supposed to work on it today," I lied. Lies, great. Even more lies. My mother nodded her head.
    "I'll be back soon" I turned around and went out the door. I was about to walk off the drive way, when I remember I had a new skateboard.
    "It would be faster" I thought. I went into our messy shed in the backyard and grabbed my black and blues skateboard. My Dad gave it to me the last year my parents were still together. I shook the sadness away and walked back to the road. But someone stopped me.
     "You will be exposed, just wait" Said a girl in a white dress. I starred at her. She didn't look like the other ghost that I have seen before. Her eyes were bright blue, and she looked so clean, like she was made of white marble.
    "What?" I asked again not understanding what she said.
    "You will be exposed, if you are not careful." She turned her head slightly, in a creepy way.
    "Are you a ghost?" I asked. She shook her head yes, but then no.
    "Who are you talking to Jen" I jump. I looked over at the man that was standing in the place where the girl was. It was Mathew.
    "For the last time, my name is Gwen, NOT," I emphasize. 
    "Mathew!" someone yelled.  My mother came outside and hugged him. I went around them and went on my way.
    "He knows my name." I rolled my eyes. While on my ride, I tried to enjoy the beautiful nature around me. Then I came to Mira's house. As I came up to the drive way I saw a familiar face
    "Talk to her" The farm boy pointed to me. The guy next to him sat down the box he was holding and began to walk my way. I turned my head and hurried to the front door, holding my skateboard in hand. 
    "Hey" The boy came next to me. I turned my head.
     "Can you see him?" He asked. But before I could say anything I felt a tug that pulled me inside.
      "No sorry she can't talk" Mira said then shutting the door in his face. I rubbed my arm.
    "Ow" I said. She looked at me and smiled.
     "He just like you, isn’t he?" she asked. I looked at her.
    "He said he could see ghost!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me up to her room. I wiggled out of her grip.
    "I don't know" I said. I walked into her room. Her room us full of pictures. Some were with me but most of them were with her boyfriend. Mira jumped on her bed.
    "Is he cute?" She asked. I thought about that for a minute.
    "Oh come on" She said.
    "No" I looked at the window. She had flower designs up and down the sides, intertwining around the pictures.
    "What about you?" I asked changing the subject.
    "No, would you think I could cheat on Liam?" She asked in a matter of fact tone.  I didn't say anything.
    "I had this weird encounter actually" I looked at the wooden floor. An image of the girl came me. I try to shake it out, but nothing happened.
    "What kind of encounter?" She asked Then Mira's mother called out.
    "Anyone wants cookies?" I looked at Mira.
    "I’ll tell you later" We both got up and went down stairs.
Hello peoples, thankfully this didn't take as long as I thought it would. If you guys have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear them! Part four may come out soon.  Tootles


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