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The Life of a Protein/Ex-mRNA

By: Kahasai


Okay, this is the plan to escape the cell.

First, I need to get out of the nucleolus. That should be fairly easy, since they didn't really want me anyways. Next I have to get through the command center, better known as the nucleus. Then I have to find my way through the Cytoplasm room, avoid the floating ribosomes and get to the ribosomes that are attached to the Endoplasmic Reticulum halls. I have to pass  through the ribosomes and have to survive the transformation into a super-being, then find my way down the Endoplasmic Reticulum halls until I reach the Golgi room. There, I have to push through the walls with my newfound superpowers, whereupon the walls will seal behind me and shed a protective layer around me. (Basically, I'm now floating in a bubble.) I have to find the double-layered walls of the cell. I'll push through the walls, my bubble will merge with the walls, and I'll be free!

And immediately be consumed by you.

Yay. The life of a protein/ex-messenger ribonucleic acid.


I just felt like expressing what I learned today.

Message to Readers

This is so weird and oversimplified. Any thoughts would be great, yada yada yada.

Peer Review

I love the topic, and how you wrote as a protein/ex-mRNA in first person.

Maybe describe more what it's like. Describe the floating feeling? Or the feeling of the ribosomes reading the RNA (although, I must say it's kind of odd that it goes from mRNA to a protein, because they're two separate beings? Since the RNA is just a "barcode" read by the ribosomes, the RNA doesn't "turn into" the protein. I think... maybe not)? Anyway, maybe describe things like the E.R. and Golgi apparatus and more than simply "halls" and "room," add descriptors.

Reviewer Comments

Okay, as a biology nerd, I was very drawn to this piece because of the name. I honestly love this.