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April 2, 2019


Yes, I'm guilty I admit
But that was the final action before I quit

I wronged you I apologize
For a whole day I couldn't look into your eyes

Don't judge me based on the opinion of another
I swear at some point I considered you a brother 

It is not at all as you've heard 
Out of my mouth I spit only one or two words

Kept the real words safe and away I swear
There was one and only one thing I had to share

The ocean full of apologies won't make up for it
But bear with me just a bit

Don't think I did it by choice
In my head, there was only one voice

Pushing me to speak and confess
Inside out, I was a complete mess

After everything I heard
I was fueled with anger, my vision blurred

I couldn't hold on anymore
My words I started to pour

Then caught myself and swallowed the rest
Hoping it was for the best

Keep in mind, my words came after hers
"Which words she told you?" you may ask
After which I answer "Yours"

Of all the amazing "night talks" we had, there was only ONE thing I was forced to say ---- I promise. & I would never EVER dream of speaking of anything else we cried to each other about. 


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