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Hello you who read this line! Have you had a smile today?

Spirited Again

January 7, 2016

Dear Haku

Here are some quick questions before you continue to help fill the big tub in the bath house. I hope Yubaba isn't giving such a hard time nowadays. 
  • Do you still remember Chihiro? It's been some time since both of you have last met. Are there any warm fuzzy feelings when these three syllabi softly reverberate in your ears?
  • How is Lin? I hope you tell her to stop snacking on those barbequed geckos. I heard they were packed with calories and the weasel spirit wouldn't want to well, develop further horizontally. 
  • Are the tickets for the trans-marine subway still on sale? I would like to purchase one and visit your pristine, secluded island full of opulent blossoms. Oh, and especially during hanami.

Hope all of you are doing fine. And I sincerely hope no-face isn't back to bother all of you again. 



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