My name is Talise and I write to express myself. I believe that everyone should have a voice even someone like me who is just 13. Please do not judge me by my age as that would be highly primitive and extremely rude:)

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If you haven't read the first part of this story...thing then go ahead and check it out it is called "Untitled yet". Oh and yeah it is unfortunately still untitled due to the fact I have been a bit busy. I would just love it if you could comment, review or even just read this piece! Thanks so much!
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Silence is laughing part 2

September 3, 2018


The air around me is stiff and stale. I take a deep breath in and fill my lungs with the polluted smog, I know this smell well, from where I am not sure but the familiarity of it strikes me harshly. I hear the low hum of machinery and the clicking of misplaced screws clogging the faulty mechanisms. I do not know much of undercellars but I have come to the conclusion that I am on some kind of boat... ship actually, I figure this room is far to small to power the likes of a dinghy or a yacht. I investigate further into the type of ship as I climb the steps closest to me looking like they may lead somewhere more upper deck. I follow them upwards and start to see more light flooding into the small spiralled walls surrounding me. Although this light is not natural but artificial. The staircase eventually unravels and opens up into a bustling kitchen. Now I see another possible origin of the smoke. The kitchen is filled with people shouting, running, frying, chopping and fussing over evidently someone's dinner. Although what they are preparing looks as if it could feed hundreds of people. I continue on through the kitchen and up another set of stairs without anyone noticing me. This time the staircase is short and very soon I reach a room full of fairly well-dressed people laughing and playing games. Most of these people are set up in groups of a few families, which more than not contain a wide variety of age ranging from about 0-100. These families are all far too competitive and carefree to worry about a young girl wandering this... ship alone. After walking through the crowd I finally locate an elevator and take it to the highest level it has, it is labelled "Rooftop deck". The elevator doors swiftly opens and I walk out onto the deck and find a nice area to sit and think which is located on a pool chair next to a large group of kids in the pool enjoying the last hours of daylight. I am quite happy here for a few minutes until my thoughts get interrupted by a noisy couple heading towards me. The lady looks straight at me and says " Maryanne dear I think its time to get ready for the cabaret at six. You know to look this good it takes time." " Excuse me" I say to the strange tall woman looking down at me. "Well there's no need to take that tone I just wish to look nice... you do know that Gabierre Astrofice is going to be at the function afterwards. I thought you would prefer me to take you back now. I have set that darling new Gucci dress out for you that you said looked divine." "Who are you?" I ask the woman in the Prada shoes and the Dolce and Gabbana dress " Why I am Asrialle Estravodd!"


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