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September 6, 2018


i get on my bike, my bag slung across my shoulder. newspapers, pencil, lunch box. all good.

"don't be late, foozler!" mum shouts from inside the house, and i smile.

i zoom forward on my bike, enjoying the wind on my face. i slow down a little, and throw a roll of newspaper in ms. elizabeths's house. then, ms. ida, mr. brown and mrs. brown, mr. miller, ms. wilson, and on and on and on. my heart pounds faster the closer i get to the last house. the last roll of newspaper. thump. the satisfying sound of the paper landing on the floor. 

i paddle harder, as his house got closer and closer. i halt right in front of the house, and i whistle loudly, a grin on my face. 

"eddie! charles is here!" eddie run out of the front door, his brown hair bobbing on his head like crazy. 

"bye, mum!"

he jumps off the front porch, landing right in front of my bike. my heart leaps along with his jump.


i smile and get off my bike, walking it instead. ed's eyes twinkles, and i say,

"do you wanna ride it?" he nods vigorously, not saying anything. he just gets on the bike skilfully, paddling off faster than i had. i couldn't suppress the smile on my face. soon, edward rides back, the sun glinting off his brown hair.

he looks really good.

i quickly push the thought out of my head, my face heating up. foozler. only girls think like that.

ed jumps off the bike, turns it around, and starts walking alongside me again.

"you've got a brilliant bike, mate." i just grin at his words, too giddy to say anything.

"how were the newspapers this morning?" eddie flashes me his brilliant smile, and i shrug, responding.

"nothin', really. just the usual." i pause, unsure of what to say. "what did you eat for breakfast?" at the mention of breakfast, edward's stomach grumbles. he looks down in embarrassment, clutching his stomach. i just smile.

"uh... you want my lunch?" eddie looks up, surprised.

"seriously?" he says. 

"here." i turn a corner, reaching a park. we go to the patch of grass at the far end and sit down. i take out my metal lunchbox, opening the lid, and ed's stomach grumbles again. i laugh. a slice of bread, two pieces of ham, and a huckleberry biscuit.

"a-actually? i can eat this?" i nod vigorously, taking in the happiness on his face. he takes the box, and stuffs the slice of bread in his mouth, chewing loudly and moaning as he swallows the bread. i put an arm around him, putting a head on his shoulder. he doesn't do anything, just munches on the ham. he stops halfway, and glances up at me.

"sorry." he mumbles before closing his mouth, and slowing down. i watch his jaw moves. soon, the ham is devoured.

"can... can i have the huckleberry biscuit?" he looks down, blushing. 

"yeah. sure." i look longingly at my favorite dessert. it's worth it, i tell myself.

And when i see the pure bliss on edward's face when he puts the biscuit in his mouth, it's completely worth it.

eddie licks his finger after he finishes the biscuit. he carefully puts the lid back on, handing my box back to me. i stuff it into my bag carelessly, my heart pounding as edward looks at me, a faint smile on his face.

i want to kiss him.

can i kiss you? no, no. i have to say something else. i look at him from one eye to the other, and i look down to his lips.

what do i say? i think urgently.

"can i kiss you?" the quiet words hung in the air. the thing is, it didn't come out of my mouth. i blink once. my lips open, and i look at edward, shocked. 

he leans in, and i let him. i let his mouth meet mine. 

at first, i didn't react. no. i shouldn't be doing this. girls kiss boys. boys don't kiss boys. but then i see his eyes, and they're twinkling... 

who cares?

i push my lips back on his, unsure of what to do. it feels so wrong and so right at the same time. i briefly close my eyes. then, our noses bump together, and i pull back, giggling.

looking happily at edward, i lick my lips. they taste like huckleberry biscuits.

i look at him, and he looks at me. 

"i love you, charles."

so this is love...

"i love you too, edward."



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  • SomeFormOfWriting

    This is so incredibly sweet! <3 I'm happy to see romances end happily (even though literally all of mine end sadly... I have a problem, haha).

    over 1 year ago
  • Corner Writing Club

    I'd just like to let you know that we have some new posts up, updates on the club and such!

    over 1 year ago
  • omicron7889

    Help my Geiger counter for adorableness has short-circuited

    over 1 year ago
  • elisa

    heck this is so cute how dare you be so adorable

    over 1 year ago