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To Be Determines

January 12, 2016

    When I first saw the movie, Forrest Gump, I didn't appreciate it like I do now. I think it may have been because I was so young when I first saw it. Just recently I saw the movie again. What an amazing story and moving meaning. The movie teaches you many lessons about life and its meaning: that life isn't as bad as most people make it seem, and that an innocent man can impact so many lives with his innocence. The meaning of the movie to me is that everyone needs to have a better outlook on life. That we need to appreciate more of the little things and not let the big things hold us back. That truly although life may throw us trials and tribulations like a box of chocolates but that we have to just bite into it and get through it even if we don't like it. That we all need to hold true to our values and not sink into a place that feels like there's no hope. And anyone who hasn't seen it or who thinks that don't like it, I seriously suggest seeing it or seeing it again.


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