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Love is Cruel

By: JediKnightGirl


    My friends in America call me Vee, short for Valentine, and my European friends call me Ro, short for Amorosa. But I don't know everyone, even though everyone knows me. The rest of them - they call me Love.
    "Love will find you," people say. Oftentimes, I do. Sometimes not. I can read minds and make myself invisible, but I can't find my way to everyone. Mortals have called me a battlefield, a losing game, a rose, but I like to think of myself as a person. A person with a deep red pixie cut wrapped in a heart-print bandana, heavy eyeliner, and a leather jacket, sometimes with a bow and quiver (but that's just for special occasions). My friends say I can pass for an average teenage girl. But as I walked through Central Park one day, looking for my next victim, I knew I was much more.
    The two boys, a blonde and a redhead, were talking and laughing with each other on a park bench when I approached. I was invisible to them. I heard talk of a dog named Seamus learning how to sit and stay, and failing miserably many times in the process. The laughter faded away, and the red-haired boy blushed before looking at his feet. "I've always wanted to be a veterinarian."
    I grinned, almost able to feel my brown eyes sparkling. Any moment now. The blonde boy beamed at him. "You'd make an amazing veterinarian."
    Walking past them, I brushed my hand against the redhead's shoulder. At my touch, he fell in love with the boy across from him. I could see it in his eyes, in his smile. They would've made a beautiful couple.
    My gaze hovered over the blonde boy. All it took was one tap, one brush of my fingertips, and the love would be requited. But I'd been too kind lately. It was only fair to let this flame flicker out. I'd come back for both of them - I would at least try. "Love is a beautiful thing," people say.
    You know what else they say?
    "Love is cruel."

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Peer Review

I really enjoyed that it wasn't just a piece about love being there for everyone. In the end, instead of having the cheesy, expected ending, it takes an approach on realistic endings, but is still true to love's meaning.

I really want to know what happened to the blonde and redhead boys. A follow up about their relationship could possibly reveal more about love. Also, I would like to know about Seamus the dog.

Reviewer Comments

This was a wonderful piece that I really enjoyed reading and reviewing. I don't exactly have anything negative to say, so...good job!