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February 22, 2016


  1. lasting for a very short time.
They knew from the beginning it could never last. The driven girl raised to take control could never let go long enough to let him steer. She lead the way as more of a magnet than a light. He had no choice but to let the instant attraction take control. 
He was not one for instant attraction, though. He wanted to pave his own road. A forward thinker, he would say. To follow the lead of another, no matter her beauty, was out of character.
It felt freeing to give up thinking for a time. He liked that she did the thinking for the two of them. He liked looking at the landscapes that flew by as she drove them towards the next adventure, but he could not look and stare blankly. He looked out the window and wondered where they were going, and what they were doing, and what time they would be back. He voiced his musings, but she only chuckled.
She told him he thought too much. He took it as a compliment. She did not view it that way. He thought too much. It would never last.


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