Hi, my name is Katrina. A complete weirdo, who is still trying to find her place in the world and writes. I would love to see your reviews of my work and please like or comment as much as you want. :D

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Keep writing, it's good for you and be yourself!

I Believe

August 31, 2018

PROMPT: This I Believe

I believe that doing what you love is worth more than doing something that another person loves.

I believe that not everything needs a known reason in order to happen.
I believe that romance is overrated and super confusing.

I believe that wishing upon a star or having those childhood beliefs in life, makes the world a better place for people young and old.

I believe that humans are both wonderful and terrible creatures, who need to get rid of greed and power. In order to find and save the heart of this beautiful world that we live in.

I believe that family is made of more than blood, because sometimes family are the worst people in your life (blood bound) but can be there for you when they are external family (the ones who are not exactly related to you).

I believe that writing is the fundamental  language of the world in question.

I believe that kind people do exist and doing something  good to help change the world is an act of strength that is a super power within everyday people.

And I believe that you and I are closer, yet further from each other in this crazy world, through technology.


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