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R & J Essay

January 5, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Carlos Bays
November 3, 2015
4th Hour
    In the opening scene of this play, Romeo & Juliet, a petty debacle starts a brawl in the streets. Even from the start, Shakespeare yearns to convey that conflict is the root of all the stories problems. From conflict of interest with Tybalt and Capulet, to an argument with Capulet and Juliet over love and marriage.
    After the beginning, another event takes place, this time at the Capulet’s party. Romeo is conversing with Juliet, which Tybalt takes particular offense to, as he states in lines 55-56,“Come hither, covered with an antic face,To fleer and scorn at our solemnity?” This really shows how Tybalt can be in such a bonhomous place yet still find time for such savage thoughts. He represents the somewhat short lived antagonist who enjoyed making war with people different from him.
    As Mercutio and Benvolio saunter through the street, they speak of anger and its nature. To make the scene somewhat ironic, our angry antagonist Tybalt appears. Stating his reason for wanting to talk with Romeo as,”Romeo, …. thou art a villain,” Mercutio became offended. After some banter, Mercutio and Tybalt duel each other, and Romeo accidentally gets Mercutio killed. And for what? For the honor of their families? What honor, what valiance is there in death to those who oppose you? This ongoing conflict is present even in the most minute of problems. Tybalt is only angry because Romeo was at his families party, even though the head of their house, Capulet, was fine with Romeo’s presence. This confrontation therefore speaks about how small things can create big problems for everyone.
    Fast-forwarding to the middle of Act 3 Scene 5, and Capulet and Juliet are arguing about her not wanting to marry Paris. The argument is mostly one sided, since Capulet says that,” But, an you will not wed, I’ll pardon you. Graze where you will, you shall not house with me. Because of the time, freedom of choice wasn’t an option. But when you try to make everyone conform, someone will break away. Having conflict like this made more problems for Juliet. The conflict also shows how it wasn’t just the families, but society as a whole.
    Having all of these problems, all the war on a psychological battlefield that is a teenagers mind ,creates casualties. These casualties are state of mind, image, self worth, and control of one's self. Romeo and Juliet both faced this because of the conflict in their environment. It shaped them and morphed them into who they would be at the end of the play.  
Ⅰ.    In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet, conflicts arise in Act 1 Scene 1, when Sampson and Gregory confront the Capulets, when Tybalt wants to attack Romeo at the party in Act 1 Scene 5 , and when Mercutio and Tybalt do battle in Act 3 Scene 1.
Ⅱ.    Now the Capulets, or rather Tybalt, wants to get in a row with Romeo at the party, but Capulet objects. This shows how the families are always aggressive even at the most jovial of occasions. Come hither, covered with an antic face,To fleer and scorn at our solemnity? lines 55-56
Ⅲ.    Again Tybalt starts a fight, this time between Mercutio and he. Romeo, the love I bear thee can afford no better term than this: thou art a villain.
Ⅳ.    Juliet's father won’t allow her to not marry Paris. But, an you will not wed, I’ll pardon you.
Graze where you will, you shall not house with me.188=189
Ⅴ.     Since love is the root of evil in this play, conflict is the thickest branch in this tree of melancholies


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