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The Week We Spent Together

December 22, 2014

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On Monday it was ice cream headaches and ghost stories told under torch light, starting off the new week together, like it should be.

On Tuesday it was ice cream headaches and the coffee shop you insisted was your favourite. We shared a caramel-vanilla-iced-whatever and occupied a couch designed for one.

One Wednesday it was ice cream headaches and the failed-to-supress giggles that got us kicked out of the library, and then the theatre, and every other place until we discovered that it was better to laugh in our own company anyway.

On Thursday it was ice cream headaches and that new Halloween store they opened down town. The annoyed glares of the shopkeepers as I frightened you with masks, and you got me back with rubber spiders. You knew those were my weakness.

On Friday it was ice cream headaches and an unfamiliar record store that drew us in with our favourite song. It was 2 minutes and 23 seconds of dancing, followed by hours of mindless browsing, even though we both owned all of these anyway.

On Saturday it was ice cream headaches and teary eyes. It was a mess of airport papers and hurried goodbyes. My face pressed against airplane glass and I desperately searched for yours.

On Sunday it was an ice cream hangover, and nothing left but the painful memory of you.


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  • Juliette Bentley

    I really like the way that you used repetition in this Jess. You built the poignancy of the parting well.

    about 4 years ago
  • Clare Ryan

    Every time I read this, I love it more.

    about 4 years ago