just trying to speak my mind in a world that wont listen

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This poem is supposed to represent me growing up - the numbers being my age. Not sure if it's too obvious but I enjoyed writing it.

My Father.

August 31, 2018



1. This is not a list poem – it’s an itemized obituary to my innocence. A retelling of the years I wish I could give back.
3. My parents have been split for as long as I can remember. Too young to understand a family dynamic my three-year-old self learns not to protest.
5. When Christmas comes I ask my mother for a Lego set, my father for a unicorn. He’s kind of magic like that.
8. Discipline is a word I have engraved in my spine and tattooed on my forearm. A word that fits far too comfortably in a child’s mouth.
10. My father raises his hand to a 10-year-old boy. His grip around my neck like the noose I would learn to lust for. The police arrive and I am temporarily removed from his care.
12. The word temporarily fades to indefinite as the family court rules in favour of my mother rather than my abuser.
13. I try to convince myself that we lost our father because I spoke up. Maybe if I never told the police about what he did my family would still be together.
14. My dad drinks wine like it’s going out of date and I seem to find some humour in that fact. Although I don’t see him often he’s my father and I love him.
15. The man who raised me only drinks on weekends, neglecting his children seems to be a full-time job.
16. On my 16th birthday my father sends me a message congratulating me making it another year. “Happy birthday!” I do not reply.


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  • Natashia Grace

    Sorry on behalf of the world.
    Beautiful piece though.
    Love the metaphors in some of your other pieces too :)

    over 1 year ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    Man, I'm so sorry- powerfully written though.
    I'm sure the beautiful-yet-brief writing is due to the emotion there- if that's the case, I wish for mental healing and support. I'm super proud you spoke up, however.

    over 1 year ago