You may be wondering what makes me different from you or the person in the corner? Well not a lot really, I write on here, on Wattpad, and singing is my life. I'm striving to one day perform on Broadway... hopefully. I honestly just love feedback!

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Hey everyone! I would really appreciate some constructive criticism. I struggle a lot with grammar. I would love to gain feedback about how I could improve this... thanks! From a girl you don't know!

The Car Is Silent

August 31, 2018

The car is silent.

The endless turning of the wheels,
To the gentle chatter of the engine,
Silence of the mouths,

The rain patters lightly,
Our thoughts can't wash away,
We hold our tongues,

The car is silent.

We hope and pray and wonder,
We wish we truly knew,
The rain heavily patters,

The car slowly rolls,
Everything is still,
Our thoughts race on, 

The car is silent. 


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