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fire+water #SurlyWombatHasAContest

August 30, 2018


    i. she's always been water.

    ii. you've known since the day she told you her blood was saltwater. she saw the mountains and you felt her heart stop. she reached out and gripped your hand. so tightly. always so tightly.

    iii. dancing on the kitchen floor, blue, blue eyes.  i like my girls just like i like my honey.

    iv. you wonder why she, an ocean, loves you, a phoenix.

    v. (that's a lie. you've always known why.)

    vi. she says she wants to be a torch.

    vii. fire, water. water, fire.

    viii. set her aflame. let her extinguish you. you're bleeding magma onto her lips. she drowns you, and you let her.

    ix. fire was made to love water.
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