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August 30, 2018


"I never meant for it to play out like this."
Nevada mumbled to himself, head buried in his arms. 
Doctor Nic Nevada was an object-head--an uncommon one, at that. A tesseract. Not a moving one, of course--doing that just makes him sick to his stomach. He was 5'6, and wore a long blue labcoat with a white tshirt underneath it. He had on oversized white pants and boots. 
"I'm sure it wasn't your fault, darling." He felt a hand rest on his shoulder. "You didn't know that...well, you didn't know."
This other person was Crescendo. He had a pink bow-tie and a lighter pink suit with blue jeans. He was an object-head as well; an eye.
Nevada shook his head and looked over at him.
"I didn't..I didn't get us out of there fast enough. She's gone, Crescendo. She's gone, and it's all my fault."
"Don't say that."
"But it's true, isn't it?!" He suddenly shot up and faced the other.
"I was stupid! I shouldn't have dragged her along! It should've been me!"
"Nic.." Crescendo had a sad look to him.
"It should've been me! IT SHOULD'VE BEEN ME!"
"DON'T SAY THAT, NIC!" He slammed a fist on the table. "You DIDN'T KNOW! How was anyone supposed to know what that place was? What that forest really meant?!" 
Nevada buried his 'face' in his hands.
"..I don't know."
"..Now..You told me you were never able to see what had grabbed her?"
"No. It was all in the dark. I could hardly see anything outside of the lantern's light."
Crescendo drummed his finger on the table for a second.
"..And you felt something was wrong from the beginning?"
"I did."
"..Maybe..whatever was in there..was trying to draw you both in further. Maybe if you hadn't have ran when you did.."
"...It would've gotten me too?"
Nevada leaned onto Crescendo. Crescendo wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close.
"..I just..feel like I could've done something.."
"I know, Nic.."
"I..never wanted this to happen..I..I.."
"Sssshhh..I know...I've got you."
Nic suddenly desperately clung onto the other, sobbing.
"I..I neve...I never..m..meant....f..for"
"I know...I know."

"Everything is going to be alright. I promise."


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  • janice

    Hey, congratulations on coming in second!!!!

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    Congrats on getting second place :D

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    AHHH TYSM!!!

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    LOVE THIS! I adore your imagery.

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