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Emotionally Stable or What?

August 30, 2018


There are times that you don't know how to really feel. Your brain and your heart are empty. No thoughts, no feelings, just you. And, also, there are other times that you just can't control your emotions. It seems easy, but it's not. You can't even know what you want. Do you want to laugh so loud that everyone will be able to hear you or do you want to cry so hard that you won't be able to have other tears? Are you happy or sad or jealous or angry or what?
Then, you just realize that you don't really know who exactly are you. So, if you don't even know yourself, how do you want the others to know you? 
You raise your head, look out of the window and say: "I can be whoever I want. I don't care for the others, for what they say or how they treat me. I love myself and that's enough for me!". You stand up, go at the mirror and just stare the person in front of you. Your emotions change and whatever you have said, blows away, if you see a face that don't like you, with achne or messy hair or whatever can makes you feel downie. But, if you see a face that can impress you, you just smile and continue to support your sayings for one more minute. Back to bed now. Open your phone. A hate comment appears at your profile. Now, your eyes are full of tears and whatever you believed and said a few minutes ago, doesn't matter for you anymore. The story continues, but this time, only your pillow knows how...


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  • Riley Noel

    This piece is filled with so much honesty and beauty. I love the way your piece flows and the message is so clear and prominent. Awesome job I can’t wait to read more of your work :)

    over 2 years ago
  • Nonny21

    Beautiful and so true<3
    Just remember that everyone's beautiful
    Loved the flow of the writing, the simplicity of the language makes the plot more vivid. Hope to see more writings from you :)

    over 2 years ago
  • Hamna16

    It's beautifully written. I can relate to the beginning and I just love the middle!!

    over 2 years ago