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Just an idea I had after seeing how everyone has a tendency at my school to flip their book covers face down on top of their stuff. I hope you like it, any feedback is appreciated!

Judging Covers

August 29, 2018


Why are our books
always face down?
When we carry them
through school
and classrooms,
Where they sit
with covers burning
to be looked at
but they aren't
because the covers
are face down

Don't judge
a book by it's cover
They say
though it's never
The book
they are talking about
and perhaps
that is why 
A cover is best covered
As that's what its for
so maybe that's
The covers
are face down

The pictures
they reveal
more than what's inside
Or perhaps
they don't
and maybe that
More they show
All while hiding the pages
is why 
a cover is covered
and best left 
face down

The question
we dread
is the fated
flaw of all 
face down covered covers
"What are you reading?"
They ask
and you stall
"Oh it's nothing"
but it is, but it is
After all, if it was
Why would the cover 
be covered
face down?

So funny it is
that they ask
After all
they're asking
When they already know
and have read
what you're reading
Because their own copy
was always sitting with 
the cover covered
face down


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