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I am a 14-year-old writer who is less innocent than people normally believe. I love to write short stories for children, and I share all of my stories with my friends.

Message to Readers

This started off as a poem about how beautiful nature is. But then I stopped paying as much attention to what I was writing, I kind of zoned out, and this happened. It's just something to think about... So please. Think while you read this poem. Ask yourself, "Do I take care of my peace?" Don't worry. We won't lose it all. Just something to think about... Probably.

Protect the Peace!

August 29, 2018

The trees, the plants. They're so beautiful.
The deer, the ants. They're interesting.
The leaves, the flowers. They're so pretty.
The delicate dragonfly slowly buzzes past.
It's so beautiful.
But what is beautiful?
What is peaceful?
The machines, taking over.
Is that peaceful?
The robots overpowering the humans.
Is that beautiful?
Why are we so ignorant
to what's going on?
Yes, we can relax
Yes, we can just sit here
While our world as we know it is slowly passing
We need to pay attention to what really is beautiful.
To what really is peace.
September 21st.
Do you know what that day is?
Some people say, "Autumn Solstice."
Some people say, "First day of Fall."
But does anyone know what that does to us all?
It makes us unknowing
of what's going on.
Yes, it is the Autumn Solstice.
Yes, it's the first day of Fall.
But it's also National Peace Day.
People plant pinwheels
in their front yards.
People make pinwheels
to share with us all.
This all shows how peaceful our world REALLY is.
If our world was peaceful,
would we have an International Day of Peace?
Would we have to remind ourselves to keep the peace
with paper and silver and metal pinwheels?
Sure, nature is peaceful.
But if it's all gone...
Where do we go to get away from it all?
Where is our peace?
Where is our future?
It's there in the trees
With the delicate dragonfly,
the plants,
the deer, the ants,
the leaves, the flowers,
the whole world...
That needs protecting.


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