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I am afraid of being a cliche

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Any feedback would be appreciated! Specifically, I know that I talk about the subject in second and third person off and on, is it weird? Which would you recommend for the piece? I'm stuck

One-Hundred Thousand Words and My Favorite is Your Name

January 4, 2016


It is believed that a person knows up to one-hundred thousand words.
Why is it that when you look at me every word is forgotten?
My heart rate quickens but my brain function slows.
The same thoughts swirl through on repeat.
    His eyes. His eyes. His eyes.
    I cannot believe he is looking at me. 

When you are gone, one-hundred thousand words come back to me.
Why is it that no collection of words describes you adequately?
My brain scrambles through the most poetic words I know.
Nothing sounds as beautiful as your laugh.
    Alluring. Captivating. Enthralling.
    I cannot believe you exist.



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