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16. v tired.

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i hate eating lunch at school.

me vs her

August 28, 2018

she's beautiful.

"ohmygod, i can't believe i almost forgot to eat lunch again," she laughs
they're caught up in algebra 2 homework

he grabs her lunchbox for her. it's green. 
"you're going to drop dead someday," he reminds her. he's teasing. 
he likes her. a lot. 
the third one here, he's a skinny guy. 

i wish i had her strength. her ability to forget. 
i can't forget food. it's always there, in the number. always in my head. 
calories. i hate them. 
800 today, but it could have been 600 if i had tried a little harder. 
2000 to maintain, 1000 to lose. 
calories, calories, calories. 

i hide behind my 140 avocado. 
i'm screaming behind closed teeth. 
i breathe hard into my 76 mango. 
i retreat into my 177 self.
behind the lockers, beneath, are all three of us. i am apart.
"don't forget this time," i say to her. she laughs, because she's kind. 

i am disgusting. 



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