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Message to Readers

This is part 2 of the 'Following You' series I'm writing. Part 1 is called "Writer's Block", feel free to check it out if you haven't already.

The Greenfly

August 28, 2018


You try so hard
Your childlike smile strained
Against the doubts and worries
You rarely voice.
Swallowed like a pill
That is promised to cure
But is more like a tapeworm
Leaving you feeling worse than before.
Your ukulele sings songs of love
Simple chords plucked
With expert precision
Gardens grown from songs
Practised to perfection,
Much like the mask you wear
To hide your insecurities.
Flowers hide your tears
Their petals blooming
Across cheeks that tremble.
They say that sticks and stones
Will break you bones
But words pervade your soul –
Writhing in your mind
Like a parasite;
A greenfly
With no ladybug.
The flowers
Eaten away
By the greenfly.
This is my piece dedicated to ChairsRAwesome. Best bean and a great support, even though they don't write.


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