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I say that Monte wanted to write/act/produce/direct movies. I thought it would nice to know about this.

Screenwriting 101

August 28, 2018


    I have many other profiles, and these people either want their stories to be scripts or write scripts when they get older. But why wait? Instead of being patient (which I am terrible at) you could start to now so you can get better at it. In some writing, scripts look hard and complicated, but truth be told it is easier than you think. It is like writing a book but a little bit different. Here are my five steps to trying your work into a script.

STEP ONE: If you don't see it, they don't see it. This needs to be the golden rule for script writing. You NEED to be descriptive. Show not tell. If you want a room to be messy describe as dusty, cluttered, and etc. You can't see it in your head, neither can anyone else.
STEP TWO: Use important terms. Unlike a book, you need to say when something is happening. So, if a story is taking place in a big house at night you would say:
But if it is outside the only difference you make is replace 'INT.' for 'EXT.' Simple enough? Also, when you first introduce a character, you uppercase their name and give a description of how they look. 
FOREST, a middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair and a twisted smile that looks fake. 
STEP THREE: Instead of putting what the character is saying in quotes, you would put it behind a colon.
 Let's say your character, Bob is angry but he says his words calmly.
BOB (calm): I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.
Whatever you want the character to do or act put it after their name.
BOB (while looking down at his feet; calmly): I hate. I hate you. I hate you. 
Basically, your character is a robot. If you don't write what you want them to do, they won't do it.

Those are the easiest way I can describe script writing for you. If you read some of my published scripts they have transitions for the camera. I advise you don't do it since it can be complicated. But if you just want to learn more about it go to this link:
If you have any questions let me know and feell free to try this. It's more than fun. 


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  • JediKnightGirl

    This is really helpful. I've always wanted to try a script!

    almost 2 years ago
  • ~Kate T

    Useful. I've always wanted to write a script but I had no idea how to do it and was too lazy to research :P

    almost 2 years ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    Thanks, Catlover. I will try that!

    almost 2 years ago