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A Single Capability

January 6, 2016

    He flourished on a signiture capability. Hope. But was that even a capability? Tammie had always said it was. But in the end, no matter how much he hoped, Tammie left him too, just like the others. He clutched the only thing he had left of her- her blue wool sweater that she had forgotten, after that Tuesday night when she learned the truth.
    And did he really flourish on hope? It was a question that he couldn't answer even though it kept on being asked. It seemed as though the more he hoped, the more devasting it was when nothing happened. But what when things did happen? Though a rare prospect, it wasn't unheard of. John had always said that hope was one of the most vital things in life. But really, who cares what your phystriatist says? He didn't.

    He wondered who his new carekeeper would be. He hoped it was a carekeeper like Tammie.  


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1 Comment
  • Raven Salvers

    this is cool!!!! Is Tammie the narrators previous guardian???? You have given me a cliffhanger!!!!! unfortunately I left my climbing gear at home so... throw me a rope and please explain the awesomeness!!!! :D

    about 3 years ago