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How can one explain oneself in a handful of words?
...or even a million?

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Message to Readers

This is my loose imitation of Kelly Norman Ellis's poem "Raised by Women"

Thanks for reading!

An Origin of Sorts

August 26, 2018


I passed time on
Budged meal plans
          With 2 |sticks|
          And other utensils
Homemade nutrition
That's s'poseta cause
You to grow strong
"Why don't you eat more?"
Kind of Girl

Drag a lingering...
Hand o'er anything
Passed down the
Aisles as goin' by:
"Why do you do that?"
Sorta Girl

Some long-legged
Described as sticks
        (more properly ti'led appendages)
Straight hair down to the waist
"I look how I look"
Sorta Girl

Some heated chocolate
Drink or tea-guzzlin'
Morning start or evenin' finish
"Don't drink so quickly or it's not worth it"
Type of Gal

Some off-tune
Singin' & bouncin'
'round the house
Neon to pastel
As [silence]
Blossomed outside
While [dark]ness
Moldered within
Type of Metamorphosis

Some silent tears
Arms crossed for 
Cage to defend
Hapless heart
         "Why did you
          Abandon us?"
Sorta Cracking

Some higher ed
A dash o' writing with
OvErLoAd reflection|noitcelfer
"Meet myself on the trails to run out
Or some dark ally to beat myself up"
Keep at a distance 'cause
I'm sorta broke
Type of [motivation] "Breathing"

I was born to
                                Be given up
Randomly assigned
                                                   To strangers

                                                            I was raised by myself



                                                                                           b  r o   k  e--
Some truth
Some exaggeration
Some myth

Some story


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  • Kati

    Thank you, Johanna! As you might've seen in the side-note bar, I loosely imitated Kelly Norman Ellis's poem "Raised by Women."

    about 3 years ago
  • Johanna

    This is beautiful! The way you wrote it is so intriguing...

    about 3 years ago