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August 24, 2018

Being asexual is a burden.
and I refuse to believe that 
My sexuality is just as valid as any other.
I know
Asexuals are indeed not attention seekers,
is not true, realistically
I identify this way to be a special snowflake
So I'll assure every supporter that
They are living an untruth
People who hate me will discover that
I am straight.
And I'll never again accept the claim that
I am an asexual.
I tell you this
asexual is defined as a real sexuality
But as the years pass, everyone will know
asexuals are actually all mentally ill
people agree that,
they are all insane.
the ones who currently think asexuals are living a lie,
are the ones who know the most.
asexuals who personally experience oppression
they are making it all up, in fact
people who say aces don't suffer tell the truth.
it is foolish to assume that
asexuals are valid, suffering, and need outside support.



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