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imani johnson

United States


January 4, 2016

Every since I was little December mean so much to me. Just the thought of Christmas and me actually believing about counting the days until Christmas comes . Always knew like before Christmas was evening coming I would have to go in store and get all the food we needed and that my mom would go with my dad just to get our gifts . Everytime me and my little brother would ask " Mommy you and dad went to get our gifts . She would say "Y'all getting anything so stop asking ". Trying to make me think we don't have nothing she wouldn't put our gifts under the tree . She would hide our gifts in this room no one goes in or somewhere in the basement that is so
nicely beautiful red painted and nice wooden stairs . The only thing I can say about is I hate when we get I progress report before Christmas on the bright side my mom still let me get stuff . I love decorate the tree so beautiful this time was actually fun and funny . Me and my mom was arguing of how she  had the tree last year and turn out I was right and had to help her unrap the lights that wasn't suppose to be on there. I of all things I loved spending Christmas with family and friends and eating lovely food which is so bomb. Also having gifts that are giving from the heart .


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