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Top Ten Best Fictional Villains

August 24, 2018


10. Gene (The Emoji Movie). He may not be the first guy you think of when you think of villains, but he's one of the best ones out there. Mocked by his peers, humiliated in his workplace, and discouraged by his parents, it's no wonder that Gene didn't snap sooner. Instead, he held out until the very end, when, in a shocking twist, he snapped his love interest's neck and took control of Textopolis. Nobody saw that coming! And nobody can wait for the second movie in the trilogy, which according to director Alfred Hitchcock, will follow High Five's inner conflict and battle with Gene. I, for one, cannot wait!

9. The Conductor (Thomas the Train). Thomas the Train, arguably the best psychological horror-thriller of all time, has a number of terrifying villains, but The Conductor is by far the scariest. We're willing to bet you got nightmares for weeks after watching this one! Especially the "you'll never be safe" scene... I still have to close my eyes during that one!

8. Darth Vader (Star Wars). Come on, you can't have a best villains list without this guy! Though he may have been a cute little kid, this man goes on to kill countless rebels, as well as his own wife! And who could forgot the iconic "I am your father" scene? In the end, though, this menacing villain got a sweet redemption scene, dying in the arms of his son, and was reunited with his master in the end.

7. The Joker (Superman). Who could forget this man, with his signature white makeup and eerie smile? Although he may not have been as scary in the comics, the recent award-winning movie adaption, The Dark Knight, makes him absolutely terrifying!

6. Bill Gates (come on, you know this one). Even thinking about this villain makes me shudder! I think he haunts the nightmares of each and every one of us. The film even got an R rating because he was just "too disturbing"! Good thing he isn't real!
5. Norman Bates (Psycho). One of Alfred Hitchcock's scariest films, Psycho got praise from critics everywhere, and for good reason--- it's even my favorite movie! Norman Bates is the perfect villain, cunning, emotionless, and clever. Still makes me shiver.

4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter). At first, Hermione seemed like a know-it-all schoolgirl--- and she was, until her close friend Ron Weasley died. Hermione became convinced that the only way to save Harry and her other friends was to join Voldemort in his quest for power. Fans were shocked at this, but soon fell in love with her as a villain--- she made a brilliant one!

3. Sauron (Lord of the Rings). In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie, and this villain is the shadiest of them all! I think there's none that are the embodiment of evil as much as the all-seeing creature of JRR Tolkien's classic television show!

2. Bloody Mary (My Little Pony). Although the show was more angled towards the teen or young adult audience, it was considered a family friendly show, and many children loved it--- until the seventh season, when it got a TV-14 rating for this monstrous villain. Some even said it should have gotten a rating of MA, and it's not hard to see why. The story sure did take a much darker twist after she was introduced.

And, the best villain of all time...

1. The F key (my keyboard)! This villain, broken both physically and emotionally, tormented fans of the popular series for years in their sleep. In addition to being a well-written and highly praised character, The F Key is also absolutely horrifying! I don't think there's any villains that could pass this one. *Shudder*. Now that I've brought him up, have fun trying to get to sleep!  
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  • LackingASocialLife

    You certainly started with an unexpected one- I'm not a fan of the movie, but writing it that way makes it sound so fascinating

    10 months ago
  • Luna Lemon

    Thanks for taking my idea! Your sense of humor is the best. You never fail to make me laugh:) I especially like #10, #2, and #1. Lol, this was the best. Great job:)

    10 months ago