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I'm into mythical creatures and such; dragons and mermaids and werewolves. It's my hideaway; my safe haven for when I don't want to face the dull and boring, black-and-white world of "reality". And when I write, I'm adding colour to my little world.

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Each word, fragment, sentence, and paragraph is one of the many puzzle pieces of your own world. A world where "reality" doesn't exist and anything can happen. Your kingdom or queendom shouldn't be altered by someone else's thoughts or opinions. Otherwise, that place isn't yours truly.

Boring Life Game

August 24, 2018


I can't describe this feeling
But I can communicate
My frustration at this endlessness

Your computer game.
That new, long-awaited one,
Downloaded and tempting,
Which you finally open and
The joy of anticipation and relief
Floods you
And you play.

You play for a long time,
A while,
The clock ticks
And keeps ticking,
Yet you play
And keep playing.

You're submerged
Head to toe,
At first it is heavenly,
Then becomes repetitive,
Then common,
Now boring.

You're tired
Of seeing the same thing,
Doing the same thing;
Like clockwork.
Wake up,
Go to bed.

You want to close the game;
Quit it.
Doesn't matter if it hasn't saved,
If the level still remains,
End it.

Switch to a different screen,
You beg
For something new
To play

    You can't

Because this game that you play
Is not a game,
It's your life,
That you cannot quit,
You cannot close,
You cannot save and exit,
There are no levels to defeat,
Except for the boring clockwork of routine;
The Boring Life Game.


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