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Jamia Barber

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5:00 a.m October 25

January 4, 2016


5:00 a.m October 25 
  A cold breeze flows through the house , cold brittle floors with a faint sound .. Hardly loud enough to make out.
5:05 a.m October 25
  the noise that was hardly loud enough to make out what it was , is now clear now. "I can't breath , I can't breath" a fatigue voice says ..
5:10 a.m October 25
the little girl moves closer to this mysterious voice saying " I can't breathe" and finds her mother sitting on the edge of her bed saying " I cant breath" her mom was really boney , almost skeleton like , she also rocked back in fourth as she speaks . You can see the fraiglines in her mothers eyes .
5:11 a.m October 25
"mommy calm down , breathe slow and pace yourself" the little girl says with panick in her voice . Her hands sweaty and unsteady as she calls 911
5:30 a.m October 25
the girl holds her mom while waiting for the ambulance . Her mom was cold, her mom was also very sweaty, and barely aware of her surroundings . The two sat there on the cold floor, while the girl tried to warm her mom.
5:50 a.m October 25
her head dropped, and drool falls out her mouth . The girl can see the life slowly fading away from her mother . Still holding her the little girl lays her mother on her back and proceeds to give her CPR . Crying loud and shaking so hard she couldn't control herself she keeps pushing down and blowing breathe in pro her mom . Trying to give her life again


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