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December 17, 2014



The faucet it leaking.

That’s the first thing I notice when I enter the kitchen on Monday morning.




Well that’s just bloody well fantastic isn’t it?

I sigh, resignation resonating like a pen dropping in an empty classroom. Then I drop my school bag off of my shoulder and move to the sink, where I stop, my eyebrows pulling together in a frown. The pale light of an early day’s spilling through the window; catching on the tap. I tilt my head and watch it glint in the sunshine.


“Oh shut up you useless – thing!” I yell, exasperation spilling into my words like – well, like water from a bloody tap.

I jimmy the knobs a few times, pulling them tight until my hands ache and cramp. I wonder if it’ll do anything if I wiggle the faucet. I shrug and give it a go.

1 second. 2 seconds…. 6 seconds.

I breathe a sigh of relief after a minute passes without the plop of water falling against the metallic basin. I lumber over to the bench, grab my school bag and move to the-


I clench my fists. Grit my teeth.

“Oh stuff it. I’m going to school.”

And then I slam the door behind me.


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  • Paige

    I can feel the frustration... Love it

    about 4 years ago