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Jaden Brown

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Last Day of Everything

January 4, 2016

On the last day of the world I would have so much to do. I would eat everything. I would go everywhere. I would do everything I never got to do. I would wake up and wear an outfit I never got to wear. I would eat an unusual breakfast I've never tried before. Then I would drive recklessly to somewhere I never got to go. When I got there I would do something I never got to do. On the last day of the world I will make up for anything I missed out on in the past by redoing it the way it was meant to be done. My way. The only way that matters. I would do everything for me & to me myself happy. I would live life so freely knowing their won't be enough time for consequences. I would appreciate the vibrant sun and the calm clouds. I would embrace the lovely breeze of the air, I would live without a care. But only on the last day of the world. I would appreciate the spectacular life I've lived and clear my bucket list of all of the things I've always dreamed to do. I would spend my last moments with my family because they are what's most important. I would enjoy my last breath. I would live in the moment. I would have the best time of my life until my time was up. End the end I would be satisfied to say I left without a care or concern about everything I never got to do. Now, it would've been done. 


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