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Sorry about the delay on this. Read the footnote. But A NOTE TO THE WINNERS OF MY CONTEST: Your reviews are in progress. I plan to post all of them at once, this week or next week. Thanks for your patience.

The Colors Of October

November 4, 2018


Sweet orange
A pumpkin
Digging out the seeds
And carving devilish smiles in its sides

Electric red
A homecoming game
Leaping from the stands
As the ball is thrown into the end zone

Ash black
A tree
Branches nearly bare
And fallens leaves coated in frost

Faint turquoise
A glow
The full moon illuminates the dawn
Casting shadows through the trees

Maroon and umber
A pile
Jumping into a perfect mountain
And it explodes like autumn glitter

A chocolate bar
Laughing with your friends
Debating the worth of a King Size Snickers

Golden yellow
A candle
Decorating your doorstep
And greeting costumed children
I'm late, I'm late, I know. I finished it on the thirtieth and then forgot to post it. But if you liked this, be sure to check out my other "Colors" poems - I have one for each month January through October. Thanks for reading!


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  • Silver Pen

    Colors! Colors! Why didn't I think of that? Colors are such a great way to describe seasons, months, holidays, moods, even ages (that's why we have to learn about the Dark Ages in school).
    Thanks for your encouraging comment on Cinder Mountain. It's nice to hear I can weave words well. ;)

    over 2 years ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    These are my favorite colors and my favorite season (and I love this piece!)

    over 2 years ago
  • Luna Lemon

    Beautiful as always:) The way you weave your words together is honestly extraordinary. You never cease to impress me with the clear imagery you explore in these pieces. No matter if it's the, 'sweet orange pumpkins with devilish smiles' or 'the full moon illuminating the dawn', it's absolutely wonderful and just soooooooooooooooooooooo phenomenally done that it's hard to even express how much I love these pieces:) All 7 stanzas are so unique and beautiful that all add to make such a warm tone. I love how you ended with a Halloween stanza as it marks the end of October. The line where you describe jumping in leaves as, "it explodes like autumn glitter" was a great line and such a creative analogy.
    Incredible job as always. One of my favorites;)

    over 2 years ago