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My life is comprised of inconsistencies, daydreaming, procrastination techniques and occasionally, writing.

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As I have now turned nineteen, I will no longer be posting on this site. If anyone is curious to read any of my latest work, you can find my writing here:

Like a Bird

December 16, 2014



Flying high I watch the world bellow me,

Crimson skies stretch out above and around me,

And to the west there doth be people sound asleep,

And from them their dreams Morpheus shall reap,

My fingers stretch out to skim the clouds,

Eyes glancing down at dispersing crowds,

Like a bird I soar above and away,

All this to leave the end of day,

The sunlight I chase, my gaze on the horizon,

Speed fails me in my longing for the world to brighten,

To the east lights flicker on as the darkness descends,

Its icy grip catches me as the last will of the sun bends,

Stars upon me, around me and speckled darkness bellow,

Sadness fills me as my pace begins to slow,

The day has escaped me, without proper farewell,

How many hours shall I wait to be recaptured by its spell?

So with desolation I anticipate the end of the night,

Hours pass but to sleep I do not surrender without a fight,

But with a jolt I awaken as the darkness breaks by dawn,

Happiness is prevalent and I’m back to the sky with a yawn,

Beneath me people awaken, the world’s an open door,

Like a bird I fly, like an eagle I soar.



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