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Senior Peer Reviewer. Former Write the World young writer, now mentoring other WtW young writers through peer reviews!

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Your voice matters.
Cherish it.
Hone it.
Use it.
Hey, young writers! I am so glad to be back to work on Write the World for a stint! As Senior Peer Reviewer, I hope to be able to use the experience I have had in my craft to help you recognize the full potential of yours.

Thanks to the WtW Team for having me on again. Let's make this a fulfilling year!

Reflections of a Senior World-Writer

August 22, 2018

I would like to start with a big handshake and thump on the back to all our lovely organizers, editors, and fellow writers!

As a teenager, I have loved this site. In this day and age, there are far too few platforms out there specifically dedicated to empowering and encouraging teenagers. Or rather, should I say, far too few platforms so organized and so passionate and so dedicated to helping teenagers share their voices and gain confidence in themselves. This is by far the friendliest, most engaging, and closest-knit teen writers' group I have ever had the privilege to know. Kudos to everyone here! and another thump on the back.

Having said that, it is with little cheer that I anticipate my imminent departure from this community. I have been part of Write the World for almost my entire teenagehood, and now I have only two years left. I do not doubt that Good Fate will open to me many opportunities beyond this one, but it will still be a bittersweet experience leaving the community that has been a part of my life (or even my whole life, at times) for so long.

I have grown up with Write the World. I swear, I can literally track down how I have developed both as a writer and a person, by analyzing the attitudes I held at various times towards this site. I remember the time I was too shy to share anything ... and then the time I went overboard and shared everything ... the times I felt ignored; the times I felt loved ... the times I felt I could not care for the site, but then returned to it one day and wondered how I could have stayed away so long ...

I am sure we have all had like experiences, or will have had them by the time our hour here is past.

There may be a few who have noticed that I do not publish much work nowadays. This is not at all out of a lack of enthusiasm, but rather out of respect for the writers here. As I enter early adulthood, I have become concerned by ever darker issues, the discussion of which may be beyond what young minds are ready for. Not because young minds are unintelligent in any way, but they are still developing, and should only be introduced to heavier topics by someone with respect, maturity, and tact. As a new adult, I am beginning to feel responsible about what I expose the younger members of my generation to; and as a new writer (I count myself one still), I do not yet trust myself to demonstrate perfectly that respect, maturity, and tact necessary when addressing heavy topics to a young audience. So I prefer to wait for a more innocent idea before I publish something.

And, of course, there is always school to reckon with. Which does demand more and more of your time the older you get.

Myself I have noted the magnificent climb, and then the inevitable disappearance, of some the greatest bygone writers here -- a few of whom I have been privileged to work with personally, which has remained among the most uplifting experiences in my life. I wonder how many people here still recognize the names of Emily Reeves, David Levitsky, and Phoebe Lease. I will always remember David as the first person ever to review my work. And Phoebe has always inspired me, not only with her perception and her precision of language, but with her fearlessness in speaking exactly what she thinks, as blunt and sarcastic as it may turn out to be. David and Phoebe are both now in their twenties, and have taken their voices elsewhere -- while we who remain are left with only the echoes of their greatness. But I shall never forget them.

I have been honoured with the friendship of two prominent former-members of Write the World; yet these two cannot speak for all writers who have "outgrown" the teen community. I always wonder: where have they taken their voices now? What new platforms have they found, of what new communities are they now part? And -- how has being a part of Write the World shaped their writing journey? How has it helped them towards where they are today, or how do they foresee their experience here helping them in times to come?

Understandably, not everyone who has written here was or wanted to be an active member on the site. Many of the senior members, especially, are often occupied with other areas of life such as jobs, college preparation, university, or simply just learning to assume the position and responsibilities of a grownup in this world. And of course, as constructive as it is, everyone has different needs, desires, and tastes, and this site is not necessarily the perfect fit for everyone who partakes in it. But I still imagine that a great number of Write the World "graduates" are full of stories about the experiences they had here, the lessons they learned here. Experiences that it would be fun to share, and lessons that would be worth learning and relearning. I imagine that any number of these "graduates" have plenty of words that would be invaluable for the newer, younger members on the site to hear.

I have had this idea for a while now, but could never quite decide where and how to put it. This prompt has, by a stroke of Good Fate, given me the perfect opportunity. The one thing that I really would like to see on this site, are guest blog posts by former site members. I am sure I am not the only one who would love to know where the older members of the community have gone, where their writing has taken them now, and what their practical experience has taught them about voicing their ideas... among many other things related to writing and to life in general, as a young adult in the twenty-first century. It would be encouraging and so worthwhile to hear these writers' input.

And for a senior member like myself, these blog posts would also provide the chance, even after I have grown "too old" for it, to remain involved with, and to continue contributing to, the community that has meant so much to me all these momentous years.

Once again, I would like to thank the organizers and editors of Write the World for their wonderful hard work. And all my fellow writers for being involved with one another. And whoever is reading this now for being so appreciative. I love you. Here's to peace and success for all of us!


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  • Hanan Adi

    @ Kahasai. Aww! thank you for being so appreciative of my long thoughts. Do come again someday!

    over 2 years ago
  • Kahasai

    All of this is amazing. I love this entire piece, and the idea to have "grownup" WtW members write guest blogs is one of the best I've heard.

    over 2 years ago